Tune In, Work Out


699 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown, RI
(across from Polo Center)

"Holistic, healing environment with possibilities for connection." Client's feedback

Ms. Moorhead is licensed in 


*ARCHWAY®- Specialized equipment

*GYROTONER®- Specialized equipment

*JUMPING STRETCHING BOARD®- Specialized equipment


*Happy Moves®

*Intensive Breathing Course®

*GYROTONIC® Pre Trainer

*GYROTONIC®Application for GOLF

*GYROTONIC®Applications for the Fascial Body

Private or Duet Class: The pulley tower and instructor help guide the body with support to move freely with power and relaxation.

"Mommy-to-be Workout"

3 Gyrokinesis privates + 2 Gyrotonic privates  ($250)

During this time we will go over safe movements for you and your body while reviewing safe fun workouts for at home!