Tune In, Work Out


699 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown, RI
(across from Polo Center)


Studio offers GYROTONIC® Privates -Duets/Classes

GYROKINESIS® Classes - Privates - Group Special
Happy Moves®
Intensive Breathing Course®
GYROTONIC® Applications for Golf
GYROTONIC® Applications for Fascial Body
GYROTONER® Specialized Equipment
Pre-training of GYROTONIC®

Katie is certified in GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, GYROTONIC® Application for GOLF, GYROTONIC® Application for the Fascial Body,  specialized equipment the ARCHWAY®, the GYROTONER® , JUMPING STRETCHING BOARD® and a Pre-Trainer of GYROTONIC®.

Since 2010, licensed Gyrotonic trainer Katie Moorhead has been working with clients from all ages and athletic backgrounds.  

From New York City to Newport she specializes in providing a unique approach to help reach the specific health goals of many locals and tourists.  She is the first trainer to bring this method to Newport and offers private, couple and group classes. Ebb & Flow studio is worth checking out.

"Enhance your life and wellness: build core strength, balance, coordination, and agility. 

The Gyrotonic method includes many unique pieces of exercise equipment.  The first and main one anyone uses at the beginning is the pulley tower unit which offers a wide variety of stretching and strengthening opportunities for the spine.  I love introducing this method to anyone and everyone.  I have had the great opportunity to see amazing results with the use of this method on many bodies and look forward to helping others reduce pain and problem areas."

Katie Moorhead

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