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699 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown, RI
(across from Polo Center)

Katie is certified in GYROTONIC® Level 1, specialized equipment the ARCHWAY®, the GYROTONER®, GYROKINESIS®, Happy Moves®, Intensive Breathing Course®, GYROTONIC® Application for GOLF, and GYROTONIC® Application for the Fascial Body and a Pre-Trainer of  GYROTONIC®.  

Katie originally from Media, PA, is a professional contemporary ballet dancer working with Newport's company, Island Moving Company.  Moving from NYC the summer of 2013 she was ecstatic to bring her knowledge and work of GXS (Gyrotonic Expansion System®,) with her to Rhode Island. As a professional dancer and teacher she trained in Pennsylvania and Delaware before graduating with honors from the prestigious Kirov Academy of Ballet in Wash DC.  Besides Newport, Katie performed on numerous stages mainly along the east coast and throughout Europe.  She was the first of two dancers to receive an Honorable Merit Diploma from the Tersiphora Foundation of St. Petersburg, Russia in 2004. More on her dance credits are listed here. 

Katie is the first trainer to bring the Gyrotonic Expansion System to Newport, Jamestown and surrounding areas.  Her extensive knowledge in the work continues to expand and she enjoys sharing it! Katie works with any individual regardless of age or state of health.  Locals and tourist alike are learning more about the benefits of this work.  Contact today for more! 

She is now a Pre-Trainer of Gyrotonic which offers others the opportunity to become a trainer, find out more today!

Katie had the honor and privilege to work with the creator of GXS Juliu Horvath.  She has completed courses with Authorized Master Trainers Erika Hassan, Billy Macagnone, Sebastian Plettenberg, Clyde Rae Jolie-Ashe, Young-ah Kim and Lucrezia Caricola.  In addition she has trained with Master Trainer Emily Smith in NYC, Master Trainer Megan McLauren in South Africa and completed the Gyrotonic application for Golf with GPA and Gyrotonic instructor Dave Rasmussen. 

What does it take to become a Gyrotonic trainer?

Numerous Classes, a Pre-trainer course, a Level one course 12 days, 90 hours of teaching and working as an Apprentice min 90 recorded hours, a 3 day Apprentice Review and a Final 3 day course exam!  What to become a trainer? Ask Katie about it today! 

Katie was recently featured on What's Up Newp. Click image for full article!  Send your thoughts and questions this way!

Since 2010, trainer Katie Moorhead has been working with individuals of all ages and levels. Recently relocating from New York City, she is honored to be the first trainer to bring both GYROTONIC® AND Gyrokinesis® exercise to the Newport, Middletown and Jamestown communities! 

Would you like a class brought to your studio, office or party function? 

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In Katie's Words..

"I can't imagine my life without the GYROTONIC® Method!  With a career in the performing arts, I have spent numerous hours training and developing my body to meet the high demands of professional dance performance. Over the years, I've exercised a lot and continue my intensive training; however, the Gyrotonic method has changed the way I approach everything.

Now, I prepare, train, and rejuvenate myself for performances with more knowledge and awareness of what my mind and body need. This is especially important after my body takes a toll from a long run of shows. I used to feel complete exhaustion after shows with discomfort equal to someone much older.  Now, with the use of the Gyrotonic method I find myself reinvigorated and ready for more performances.  In addition, I have noticed a significant difference being able to get a more restful, pain free sleep at night as discomforts in my body have now been relieved.

Ever since incorporation of the Gyrotonic method into my life, I am healthier, happier, and suffer from fewer injuries.  I have found regular Gyrotonic practice also builds core strength, balance, coordination, and agility.  Motivated by my experiences, I have become a Gyrotonic trainer and desire to share this feeling and experience of a better balance, awareness, and pain-free lifestyle.  Although I am a dancer, I have worked with numerous clients from teenagers to my oldest client of 92, from Opera singers to golfers. I enjoy working with clients of any age and background.  Join me in a session and experience the difference. 

 I look forward to seeing you at EBB & FLOW soon."

Katie Moorhead
GYROTONIC® and Gyrokinesis® Trainer

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