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2018 Workshops: Dates coming soon!

:Breathing and Scrubbing
:Kundalini with Mary
:Meet the musicians
:Meditation, live music
:Spring into Balance

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 Sept "Fall into Balance" Guest Instructors ....

Past Guest...

Meika Hale

In my early teens, I found yoga as another way to move my body and exert my over-flowing energy.  As I began to experience life, with all its exquisite ups and downs, yoga began to have a profound impact on how I dealt with myself, my loved ones, and the world.  I found relief from emotional pains in my practice, and growth in my physical body.  I am constantly learning from my breathe.  Even as a blossoming teacher, I will never stop being a student of the practice.  I received my 200-hour Iyengar Vinyasa certificate from YogaWorks in 2015, where I practiced for a month in Bali, Indonesia.  I continue to study all types of yoga, including kundalini, ashtanga, Iyengar, vinyasa, and yin.  Along with yoga, I also practice and perform energy healing.  In 2014, I became certified in Polarity Therapy through Energy as Medicine Foundation in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Since then I have incorporated vibrational sound healing, body work, and thai yoga massage into my sessions.  I love the work I do because it has helped me so much in my life.  My only goal is give that guidance back to others.

Julie Warburg

Julie is a Power Pilates NYC certified instructor since 2000.  She also teaches the Zena Rommett Floor Barre technique, which is based on ballet and creates long, exquisite lines on the body.  She previously owned and operated a Pilates Studio in Wilton CT.  One of her Pilates specialties is training teen athletes and youth sports teams …so she brings Teen training to Newport Pilates, where she currently teaches.  She is a graduate of Brown University, and was a competitive figure skater who is also trained in Ballet and Ballroom Dancing. Julie is certified through the New York City Ballet to teach the New York City Ballet Workout. In addition to teaching Pilates, Julie serves on the Board of the Island Moving Company, a classically trained contemporary ballet company in Newport, and is a Realtor.

Katharine Boylan

Katharine began her yoga practice in 2003 after one too many injuries forced her to stop participating in competitive sports. Over the course of the next fifteen years, she used her practice to help heal her body and eventually realized how much yoga can help heal the mind as well.  She completed a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training at New York Yoga in 2013 to take her practice to the next level and deepen her understanding of the principles and philosophy that guide the practice.

Along the way, Katharine discovered other wonderful health benefits of a consistent yoga practice: her migraines slowly dissipated, her allergies became much less severe, and she felt better equipped to handle the stress of living in a non-stop city like New York. 

Since yoga has helped Katharine improve so many facets of her life, she wants to enable her students to do the same: to carry their own practices into their lives and use it to help them navigate through every day issues and life’s complexities. Because Katharine has found yoga so enjoyable and beneficial, she strives to bring the same joy and fulfillment to her students. 

Her favorite aspect of yoga is interacting with and learning from her students, and watching their practice evolve over time and change their body, life, and lifestyle. 

Her passion for yoga expands every day, which is one of the reasons she loves it so much. There is always more yoga to learn and to try.

Katharine is grateful for the recommendation of her mom to try a yoga class while she was in college, and to have taken a chance on a practice that seemed so foreign at the time. Today, she is so happy to have yoga be a steady and consistent part of her life, and she feels very reassured to know that she -- and anyone -- can do it anytime, anywhere, and at any age.

Julio Amaro

A local favorite of Newport, Julio can be seen performing many places in and out of R.I.  Play many styles of music on a classical guitar. Combining Rhythm, Bass and Melody played simultaneously. Flamenco, Latin, Jazz, Standards, Pop, Rock, World and much more. Available for Wedding ceremonies, Cocktail Parties, Bar and Restaurants, private events and any occasion.

He will play during the Music and Meditation class.  Join us and enjoy the sweet melody of his guitar and decide how you take in the class.... poses, laying still.... whatever moves you by the music.

Dave Joshua Schneider 

At thirteen, he was mesmerized by his friend playing the guitar which prompted him to ask to be taught. He started out playing radio rock and heavy metal but then at the age of seventeen, he discovered Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola, and John Mclaughlin's album "Friday Night in San Fransisco" which is a blend of bossa nova, jazz, and flamenco. From that point on, his tastes and style began to change. In the following years, he spent countless hours learning Latin, jazz, and classical music on the guitar. He got hired to play at an art gallery performing his original blend of Latin/Gypsy guitar, and since then his career continues to expand playing in restaurants, weddings, parties, and nursing homes. Recently, he has composed music that will be performed with dancers in Rhode Island, stay tuned and connect more with Dave at the workshop!

Rebecca Polan

A former ballet dancer, Rebecca Polan found yoga over a dozen years ago and enjoys the benefits of strengthening, stretching and the relaxed effort that comes with a mindful yoga practice. As a teacher, Rebecca's goal is to empower her students to find the same path to peace that she has discovered through yoga. Get ready to feel nurtured yet challenged in a class that balances a focus on alignment with mindfulness in a creative, playful flow. In addition to teaching yoga, Rebecca is a nonprofit consultant, body-mind coach and writer. She writes a blog called Yoga Musings and has had her poetry and prose published by Elephant Journal. Rebecca has her Masters in Business Administration from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science degree from UMass Amherst. She is certified as a 200-hour RYT and received her training at Thames Street Yoga in Newport, RI.

Kim Fuller

Every day we come in contact with other human beings and how we “see” them determines how our interactions will go.  Are you able to see the person in front of you with a clear lens or is your lens clouded with expectations, assumptions and judgments that can disconnect you from them?  This disconnection can isolate us from the possibility of learning from that person, hearing them clearly or being heard clearly and above all the possibility of a peaceful and productive interaction. 

My talks are designed to give you tools to clear your lens by shifting your perspective to seeing the possibility in your relationships; even the ones that are difficult.  This practice is helpful in the workplace, in your personal relationships and even with strangers who may push your buttons.  You can get the positive results you want from responding from a peaceful mindset, verses one that is angry, frustrated and disconnected.  We all have challenging people in our lives but we don't have to let them keep us from our own potential for productivity and peace.

The first class ever held at the Bodhi Spa was Katie's Gyrokinesis Class.  The Spa located on 654 Thames Street. This class is popular with the locals and tourists and continues to grow.  Many more on underway, for updates on this class only please contact The Bodhi Spa.

This amazing package deal continues to grow!

Following the class, the water journey- a mix of cool plunges alternating with infrared sauna and more!  If you haven't been to the Bodhi Spa yet, Katie highly recommends it... If you are interested for more about this package deal - contact Katie to be alerted for the next one! Don't miss out!

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