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What is this and how is it different than other exercise?

The uniqueness of this movement system derives from the three-dimensionality of its movements - spiral, circular and wave-like. Gyrotonic exercises may appear gentle and easy, but the impact on your body after a workout or class is deep. You are strengthening and stretching your body as you move instead of holding and contracting the muscles. This key quality of the exercises works your body in a way to create a beautiful body line and excellent posture. The Gyrotonic system not only makes the body fit but can help solve physical problems and injuries.

Another important benefit is that it helps to cultivate movement awareness, connecting the body and the mind. It teaches the body how to manage tension and stress so that your mind can be refreshed and your body centered.

During the first one hour Private session, certified GYROTONIC® instructor Katie Moorhead will go over your needs which allows us to create achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle and physicality.  As a licensed trainer she will design a unique program for your physical goals, needs and daily schedule.  This method helps guide you into a fluid, non - restricted movement allowing the body to open and connect with every area of the body.  After a private session clients have stated that they feel taller, their lower back is opened and they feel free, stronger, and naturally balanced.  

Contact today for more information about how this work can help make you healthier, balanced, and less prone to injuries. 

What to wear?

You want to be comfortable! Wear something you can move in, lose fitting very similar to yoga or running attire.  Don't worry about shoes, you will work out with or without socks. Shoes are not worn so your feet can connect with the floor.

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