Tune In, Work Out


699 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown, RI
(across from Polo Center)

Katie enjoyed her training for this specialized machine with Authorized Master Trainer Billy Maganone in the East Village, NYC where she used to teach

   Juliu Horvath developed the movements that one can perform on the GYROTONER® so that various muscle groups, tendons and ligaments in the spine,arms, hips, legs and ankles, among other body parts, could be strengthened and stretched simultaneously while the user consciously engages breathing patterns when executing the movements. The energy channels running throughout the body are thus stimulated, and the overall effect on the mind and body can be profound.

"This specialized unique piece from the GYROTONIC® Method is incredible.  It opens the hips in such a safe and connected way, super beneficial as we get older. I find that the cyclist love this motion of opening the hip joint, it is one of their favorites!  I personally have struggled with shoulder limitations, tendentious and pain, which it is not present with the use of the GYROTONER®  It is designed to accommodate all ages and abilities come check it out today.  This is the only location in all of Rhode Island where it can be found!" 

GYROTONIC® Newport Trainer Katie Moorhead

146 Broadway, 2nd fl.
Newport, RI 02840 

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