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699 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown, RI
(across from Polo Center)

"Before the hour was over, I felt taller, more free in my body.... less stressed."

"My lower back opened and I felt stronger and naturally balanced.  It was wonderful."

"I am truly ecstatic with the physical & mental benefits I have attained from my GYROTONIC® sessions with Katie Moorhead. My career as a professional dancer has stretched over 2 decades & now at 37 years of age I am a creature of maintenance.  My low back injury from a motorcycle accident at 18 years old has been a crutch throughout my career.  The enlightening process of re calibrating my mental connection to my physical being, through GYROTONIC® is tremendous! I am no longer of the mindset to "just deal with it" instead I feel more proactive about my injury as a work in progress.  My pain has subsided and I am gaining strength in areas I never imagined possible.  The mental and physical scars I have always accepted as permanent are now healing.  I am grateful for GYROTONIC® and Katie's teachings, GYRO HEALS!"

Spencer G. Hering

Associate Artistic Director of Island Moving Co.

Newport's Contemporary Ballet Company

"For me the attraction of GYROTONIC® is the ability to build coordinated strength while engaging my mind, and the teacher from whom I've learned the most is Katie Moorhead.  I came to GYROTONIC® through a foot injury that prevented me from participating in other exercise forms, and it was the new mental challenge of the choreographed movement flow that got me off the couch and working towards rehabilitation as much as the exercises themselves.  With a busy work schedule, I have plenty of readily available excuses to justify skipping conditioning, but I seek out GYROTONIC® as I enjoy it and believe that the greater body awareness it builds helps me to avoid injury in my recreational physical activities and also to improve my capacity to manage stress. 

I've worked with several trainers and none have helped me to get as much out of GYROTONIC® as Katie. Her particular teaching advantage lies in her combination of an inquisitive mind, sharp eyes and a warm heart. Katie is highly knowledgeable about how the body works and is continually working to educate herself and further develop her understanding of GYROTONIC®. In working with clients, she is readily able to apply this knowledge, tracing the symptom of curled toes to the unstable leg to the unengaged hamstring to the route problem of misaligned hips. Rather than simply command you to uncurl your toes, she leads you in an investigation of body connections and the practice of GYROTONIC®. 

Katie's attuned to your particular ticks and is persistent in working on them with you. These lessons are offered generously and throughout she both supports and challenges clients showing patience as you work to understand a movement but also pushing you to do more than you thought you could. Working with someone who believes you can fully realize the benefits of GYROTONIC® has made the difference to me!"

Catherine Day

Harvard Business School - Student

"The GYROTONIC® technique does wonders for strength, control, and aligning the mind and body. As a dancer, the GYROTONIC® tower is the perfect aid for increasing mobility and strength in the places I need it the most. I constantly find myself recommending GYROTONIC® to anybody and everybody because its unique technique has such positive affects on the body no matter your ability or experience. These days there are many types of toning and stretching machines and techniques, but the GYROTONIC® technique and its tower unit stand out to me.  This technique and machine are by far the most effective because they revolve around breath, spirals, flows, and three dimensional movement that create a completely different experience. Katie stands out from other GYROTONIC® teachers because she does a exquisite job of incorporating a wide variety of the different GYROTONIC® techniques to specifically suit your wants and needs. She stays mentally present with you every step of the way and is very active in helping you through the techniques to achieve your maximum potential. With her calm demeanor, Katie not only works your body, but emphasizes on opening your mind for a full body experience so you leave feeling energized and refreshed."

Lauren Difede

Contemporary Classical Dancer

Dance Artist with Newport's, Island Moving Co.

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